The Craft Beer & Service Communities Come Together at House 6 Brewing in Ashburn, Virginia

Center: Marian & Rolando Rivera, Founders & Owners of House 6 Brewing

There is no doubt, Americans love craft beer. They love all kinds of craft beer – be it a smooth brown ale, a refreshing nitro stout, a crisp Kolsch, or the American favorite IPA. The brewery setting is laid back, fun, and enjoyable without the tension of a late night bar. Most folks can bring their kids, and have a beer or two while they enjoy listening to music, playing a game, and trying unique cuisine from a local food truck. It’s fun! It’s community.

Creating community is what House 6 is all about. This is a glimpse into how House 6 began.

The Bad Ashley Guava Sour Ale

Rolando Rivera, the president and a founder of House 6, has always been an adventurer, attracted to challenge, with a goal pushing out of his comfort zone.

“I always try to push myself out of my comfort zone because I have a sense of mortality, and if I don’t do it now, I will never get a chance to do it. That’s my personal view.”

Rolando and his wife Marian moved to Northern Virginia from New York state a decade ago. Upon arrival, his life began to change.

“I always wanted to serve somehow,” he shared, to set an example of service for his daughter, Fabiola. So, with the support of his wife, Rolando signed up to volunteer at the Ashburn Fire Department.

“I went to Fire School, which was the biggest a** kicking I’ve ever had. . . I’ve done an Iron Man [a intense multisport endurance race], but Fire School was harder than anything I’ve done so far.”

A few years passed and Marian got Rolando a gift certificate for Jay’s Brewing.

“I had no idea what I was doing. I just followed simple instructions by Charlie, The godfather of home brewing, I just followed his book and went head first into it. And, it was actually drinkable beer!” Rolando was surprised that his first batch of homebrew was decent. From there?

“I fell into the black hole of the brewing hobby!”

Our House 6 Flight: You Choose, We Pour, You Enjoy

Rolando went on to form a brew club at work, and the beer he was making got better and better. His wife encouraged him to open the brewery, “win or lose, and to just go forward.”

As a firefighter and a home brewer, with aspirations of owning a brewery, Rolando envisioned a space where the brewing community and service community could coexist, where camaraderie would exist with comfort, laughter, good times, and, of course, good brew.

But transitioning from a hobbyist to operating a brewery isn’t that easy. Selecting the right equipment and sizing the brew house, can be tricky. So Rolando read up and researched, and chatted beer with the experts he knew, like Patrick Stevens from Loudoun Brewing, Jake Enderes and Lee Rogan from Crooked Run Brewing, Chris Burns at Old Ox Brewing, and Matt Greer at Caboose Brewing.

Here House 6 stands, after its grand opening in September 2018, in an convenient and accessible location right off Route 7 in Ashburn. Live music, food trucks, trivia, games, Artisans of Loudoun PopUp shopping events, and Yoga: Pints & Poses are just a few events the brewery has hosted, not to mention the beer releases!

House 6 brewers like to stick to exciting spins on traditional beers, with the occasional experimentation. In fall 2018 alone, they have released The Bad Ashley Guava Sour Ale, Shakin’ That Axe Imperial Brown Ale, and the Pumps & Hoses Nitro Milk Stout. All of these are available on tap. Growler (glass) and crowler (can) fills are available.

Stop by The House. It’s a good time. It’s great beer.

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